Wintech - CNC Turning

Wintech CNC Turning capable of turning 25mm bar/ Thread Roll / Fetty Spline

HURCO VMX42m - CNC Milling Machine

The Hurco CNC machines Forged Yokes for Universal Joints plus Bearing House Forgings and Lockcollars.

Vailling Process 

Consists of Vaill Machine forming tube by forcing tube through a confining die to reduce its diameter for Steering Wheel Spline

Tube Expansion Tooling

Example of 31.00mm bore tube expanded to 33.00mm bore

Pierced Slot Tube Tooling

Example of Pierced Slot for Ignition Switches

Spin Peening

Fette Head - Spline Rolling

MIG Welding

(full range of capability)

Cincinnati Milling

Herbert Twin-Spindle Drilling

Bearing Presses

Toolroom Facilities